Corporate sustainability is an increasingly central and essential issue if we are to improve the world for future generations.


We have long realized the need to draw up a sustainability report that would complement and combine with the annual report. Limiting reporting to economic performance, offers only a partial view of our reality so rich in intangible resources. The drafting of this document represents an opportunity for us to highlight the existing link between the assumption of responsibility and the generation of intangible impacts, confirming the need for the development of an integrated strategy in order to nurture the virtuous circle given by the existing relationships between corporate responsibility, creation of shared value and economic performance.


Sustainability applied

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

Although the Group operates in a sector where the demand for manpower is typically male, De Wave promotes equal opportunities in all divisions and provides tools that allow a fair work-life balance so that its female employees can take advantage of periods of longer maternity and family leave and can be reintegrated into their jobs once the period of leave has ended.


Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

Within the Group, excellence also passes through technical and technological innovation which makes it possible to improve the quality of the products offered day by day; but innovation is also a means to achieve greater sustainability. In fact, the group promotes the use of raw materials and semifinished products with low environmental impact in order to reduce the environmental footprint of its products, confirming its role as market leader.


Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

The attention of De Wave Group for environmental sustainability does not end with the work of technological innovation, but it’s a fundamental value that the parent company promotes across all subsidiaries and its suppliers. Likewise, De Wave promotes respect for national and international regulations related to the protection and safeguarding of workers’ rights and human rights.


Sustainability Report 2022