De Wave Group

De Wave Group’s update corporate image presents a new face in the world


A new logo, payoff and brochure. We’ve begun 2021 with a substantial restyling of our corporate image to better represent who we’ve grown to become today. Accompanying this, we’ve also refreshed our website and brought greater focus to our social media, increasing the effectiveness of our communications in line with this updated, more representative style.

The starting point is a new logo with triple-crested wave in which the three crests not only represent the three companies forming the Group – De Wave, Spencer Contract and Precetti – but also stand for the specialist areas of new builds and refitting for cruise ships and the yacht sector which distinguish it on the marine outfitting market.

The triple crests within one wave simultaneously convey the concept
expressed in our new payoff “We work as one”, conveying the strong synergies of our Group companies and their ability to offer clients all the expertise, dependability and operating capacities of a dynamic partner across Europe, Asia and the United States.

Ours is a growing wave, rising to the challenges of an increasingly discerning and demanding market, not least of all due to our advanced logistics organisation, which has repeatedly proven its effectiveness and efficiency in a wide range of refitting projects around the world, consistently completed to the highest standards, on schedule and on budget.

Which is why the brochure launching our new image features the headline “Rising to the challenge”, inviting our clients into our world and our way of thinking and working. All this is likewise reflected in the new design and content of our website. Our aim throughout has been to communicate our true spirit simply and effectively as a Group of companies that listen to our customers and understand their needs, truly placing them at the centre of everything we do.

We wanted to give a clear idea of how we work, how our entire organisation is committed not only to providing outstanding products and problem-solving,
delivering exceptional technical and logistical solutions, but also and above all to building strong and enduring partnerships with our clients, because that’s at the heart of how we work.

Meaning our clients are also at the heart of our new image, which draws energy from every project and new challenge entrusted to us, reflecting who we have – together – grown to become today. That, for De Wave Group, is the true meaning of “working as one”.