Modular Cabin Units

As a Turnkey Solution Provider, De Wave Group has Strategic Alliance with proven Associates for the Supply of Specialized Marine Elements suitable at either Newbuilding or Refit Projects.

  • Specialized Individual Vertical (BHD) & Ceiling Panels as well as Outfits.
  • B15 Certified Marine Doors.
  • The Structural Integration of the Elements into a “Complete Cabin Unit”.

Vertical Panels

Vertical Panels are copyrighted, specially designed to cope with the imposed Wall Stresses during Cruise Ship Operations as well as PAX Comfortless and Noise dumping requirements. It is composed of two Steel Sheets, lightweight filled with rockwool in between. This configuration has made the panel extremely strong and, in general, it doesn’t need additional profiles and supports.

Joint elements

Joint and Corner Elements are designed to offer:
- Maximum efficiency during assembly
- Improved rigidity of the Wall Panel System
- Reduced Structure deformation
- meet aesthetic and architectural requirements.

Outfit systems

Vertical Panels are made to adapt to Vessel’s individual requirements, having the flexibility to be prefabricated with the specified electrical cabling and accessories, including switches, socket boxes, conduits for cables, etc.
Furthermore, they can be furnished with the specified Decorative Materials, including PVC, Stainless Steel Elements, etc.

Ceiling panels

Ceiling Panels are specified to Marine Standards, suited to adequately perform:
- The necessity to simplify erection & disassembly
- Guarantee sufficient stiffness and absence of deformation stresses
- Implement Architectural and Visual Necessities
- Enforce Related Maritime Regulatory Requirements
- Reduce Weight to optimize Ship’s Sailing Performance

Type B15 doors

De Wave Group has a fast-track Standard Production Line, with proven design and certification on B15 Marine Elements including Cabin Doors. Customers enjoy the security of a well-designed product, proven to suit its specification and accredited by the Classification Societies. The Factory has secured Contracts on the supply of B15 Doors at several Shipyards worldwide at both Newbuilding and Refit Projects.
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