Catering & Doors

Vazzola (Italy)

De Wave Group, with the experience acquired by Precetti Srl, has become a global partner that designs, manufactures and installs turnkey systems for maritime catering.

In this production facility we produce on-board catering facilities.

We are able to offer:

  • a complete range of stainless-steel products (complex and neutral),
  • custom made furniture,
  • guaranteed quality standards.


De Wave Group, in addition, is one of the main suppliers of the naval certified B15 doors to the marine industry, running a standard contracted production of more than 6000 doors for annum, from the stainless-steel plate to the end-product and even the distribution at the shipyards globally.

All our productions comply with US-PHS and USCG standards. Our main goal is to provide the high-quality products and services.