Tailored Catering Systems

De Wave Group is the ideal partner for high quality galley and pantry marine solutions.

De Wave Group supplies a range of stainless steel products, custom-made furniture, decorative materials, stainless bulkheads and deck heads for catering areas. Products are prefabricated in the company’s factory before installation even in compliance (upon request and specification) with the latest USCG health and hygiene requirements.

De Wave Group has also been awarded the ISO 9001 quality assurance standard, while also patenting most of the innovations being developed for its esteemed Customers.

In addition, the Group offers project management, logistics and turn-key services for structural rebuilding, including HVAC installations, electrical systems, plumbing systems, lighting and safety systems.

Scope of Works:

  • Galleys
  • Pantries
  • Cold Spaces
  • Bars
  • Spare parts
  • Specialized Custom Solutions
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