De Wave Group is a Global Marine Contractor specialized into both Refit and Newbuilding Segments, as well as scheduled Maintenance and Spare Part Divisions.

Global spectrum of marine interior works

Stemmed by the join of forces between the three leading Companies
De Wave SPA in Italy and Poland, Spencer Contract SRL in Italy, France, Germany and Finland, as well as Precetti Group with a global network in USA, Europe and Asia, the latest developed DE WAVE Group is committed into bringing well designed, quality-oriented, ergonomic and reliable solutions to the Marine Customers.

About us
De Wave Group

65000 sqm of management and
production facilities

De Wave Group

200+ mil usd group turnover
at year 2019

De Wave Group

200+ ships in
20+ years

Turnkey custom solutions

De Wave Group upscale the level of Service and Products developed for the Marine Partners to a higher extent by engaging significant core competences of success, such as the long experience by the encapsulated Companies, the know-how and technical expertise into developing custom solutions, the reliability and trust of the market having already completed more than 70 Cruise Ships and Ferries up to date, the flexibility of gearing state-of-the-art technology into its own vertical integrated production facilities, as well as an astonishing physical network of service at USA, Europe and Asia.

The Group is offering Marine Certified Turnkey Products and Services for the Cruising Segment including PHS Catering Areas such as Galleys, Pantries and specialized-purpose Rooms, B15 Certified Paneling and Door Units, Prefabricated Marine Certified WC Box Units for the Newbuilding Sector, Complete Cabin Units for all spectrum of Cruise Ships, expanding the potential of the Solutions by incorporating upon request all series of marine-approved Decorative Materials to match individual each Customers’ expectations.

Products & services
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