Full Service Marine Contractor in Refit and Newbuilding projects


De Wave Group is in position to take up not only the Engineering but also the Specification, Design and Technical Analysis of the Project offering a Turnkey Solutions either for Newbuilding or Refit Projects.

Specification Analysis

What do I have to do?

The primary stage of understanding Customer’s necessities, the basic outline of the Project, the environment of operation as well as the level of performance expected to match the Operational Parameters of the Cruise Ship Area.

De Wave Group

Design & Technical Analysis

How to do it?

De Wave Group is in position to offer its own proposals by either using its own dedicated In-House-Studio, or even cooperate with the Customers’ appointed Architects.

Furthermore, the Technical Analysis is a fundamental stage by engaging the accumulated experience and know-how so to translate the ideas into Technical Drawings, always restricting the thoughts and creativity under a well-established Technical Background to maximize the feasibility and reliability of the Solutions themselves.

De Wave Group


Turning the Idea into Reality

Having completed all conceptual stages, it is the task of the Production Team and the high-tech Vertical Integrated Production Facilities to materialize the Products and Solutions, using an Engineering Valued approach by continuously sourcing all the experience and know-how of several successful Projects in the past, while innovating to safeguard a reliable, ergonomic and high performance Solution to match the Customer’s request.

The competitive advantage of operating its own Production Facilities to manufacture all Products, including Catering Systems, Modular Cabin Elements,WC Prefabricated Box Units, enhances the Manufacturing Processes with the stability and reliability  towards a punctual Proiect completion by controlling all internal processes utterly.

Working under the principle of valued-Engineering, most Products and Solutions are prefabricated into large units (and single solid units), enhancing the scope of design and prefabrication with the flexibility into transportation as well as easy installation onboard the Cruise Ships.

De Wave Group

Project Management (PM) and Installation Onboard

Product in position

Having delivered a tailor Product or Solution, De Wave Group is making one more step ahead by offering the Optional Service of installation of the finished the product onboard the Cruise Ship, engaging highly skilled Technical Teams, with the proactive awareness of the Product/Solution at Development stage, to ascertain a successful installation onboard.

De Wave Group
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